His classes in Mysore will resume from October 1 (Saturday) 2016.
ONLINE REGISTRATION OPENS ON AUGUST 1 TO STUDY WITH SHARATH IN NOVEMBER. We are no longer accepting applications for the month of October 2016. It is full. (Click to register 3 months before your intended start date)

** Students who are applying for Sharath’s class must have studied AT LEAST 2-3 MONTHS with any of our Certified/Authorized teachers (mentioned in our teachers list) before coming to study with Sharath in Mysore.

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR FORM BEFORE AUGUST 1 (India Standard Time)! It will be disqualified, and more than one form online will also not be accepted. We do not entertain any cancellations or change of dates, once the online registration has been submitted. If you experience a delay in submitting your form, please wait some time and try again. An auto-reply email indicates that your form has been successfully submitted. Please wait a few weeks to receive final confirmation on whether you have been accepted for your dates of study.

Her classes will resume from June 6th (Monday) 2016
(Click to register 3 months before your intended start date)

Japan: September 6-11, 2016
Bali: September 13-18, 2016

All students must fill out an application form before coming to KPJAYI. Students who have not submitted their application form online will not be able to enroll once in Mysore.

Please note that we will delete your online application if you submit it before 3 months of your arrival! Students will not be allowed to practice without the printed confirmation from KPJAYI. Change of dates, as well as extensions of stay, will not be granted. So please take care in entering the correct date format.

Students, please note that there is an auto-reply email that you should receive immediately after submitting an online registration form. This automatic reply only means that your online application has been submitted properly; it is not the final confirmation letter on whether you have been accepted for your dates of study. If you do not receive the automatic reply, it means that your application has not gone through. In these cases, we are not responsible for any inconvenience in future.

KPJAYI-authorized teachers may sign up to assist Sharath in the shala. Kindly express your interest to Usha ( only after you have received registration confirmation for your months of study.

The list on this website constitutes the official record of teachers approved by KPJAYI. Teachers listed on any other website will be removed from our list.

KPJAYI has not created or endorsed any Facebook page or Twitter profile. Please take note that Sharath has not given permission for use of his name or pictures for this purpose.

To place bulk orders of Astanga Yoga Anusthana (2nd edition), please contact Minimum order of 50 books.